Why Do Businesses Choose Money Mailer?


Money Mailer delivers real results for local businesses like yours. We take the guess work out of your advertising campaign by utilizing the power of targeted marketing to generate a strong, profitable response for our clients.

For over 20 years, Money Mailer has helped hundreds of local businesses reach out to consumers in the Northern Kentucky and Southeast Cincinnati area by informing residents of their products and services. This helps business owners to increase sales, drive new customers to their doors, and grow their bottom line.

Why is Money Mailer so Effective?

  • Targeted – Money Mailer targets upscale households and eliminates wasted coverage
  • Trackable – No more guessing if your advertising is working
  • Profitable – Targeted direct mail is rated #1 by industry experts for ROI (Return on Investment)
  • High Brand Image – Maintain and enhance your image with full color, high impact ads
  • Mobile App & Digital Coupon Marketing – Local consumers will find your business when they are looking for offers and ready to buy.

Money Mailer is proven to be an effective way to gain new business because consumers rate direct mail as their preferred and most trusted source of marketing. Money Mailer puts your message front and center into the best homes in Northern Kentucky and Southeast Cincinnati, for just pennies per household AND delivers strong results. That’s why our customer repeat ration is over 85% – our results speak for themselves.

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