Where Will Your Next 

Customer Come From?

Finding new customers can be a challenge, which is why the right marketing strategy is critical. While the growth of the internet has led many businesses to focus on online marketing, direct mail is still one of the strongest and most cost effective ways for small businesses to gain new customers.

Below are three tips for using direct mail.

  1. In order to find new potential customers, it is vital that you have an understanding of your customer base. Who is your current customer?  What characteristics do they share – The area they live, Age, Income, Home Value, Children, Occupation . . . as much as you can find.   Use this understanding to help shape your marketing messages.
  2. Target those customers. Work with your direct mail consultant to identify consumers who are most likely to become customers.
  3. Choose the correct mailing list. Once you’ve identified your ideal customer and determined where they live, you can target them with your direct mail. A mailing list that matches your demographics will help you save money by avoiding areas that do not fit.

Source: “Direct Mail Marketing Is Still Relevant.” Sally Smith. www.exploreb2b.com, 12/21/13.

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