“It was a phenomenal response, performing far better than other similar advertising we have done in the past. Although Chick Fil A is a well-known brand, we wanted to make sure we were reaching out to new people and also reminding our loyal
customers to visit us, and giving them all great offers! Money Mailer has certainly helped us reach this goal, as our great response shows. We appreciate Money Mailer as our advertising partner and are glad we decided to work with them!”

Joy Tarleton
Marketing Director, Houston Rd


Walt’s Hitching Post
“Since we have partnered with Money Mailer, we’ve seen an increase in new guests each week – and welcomed many former guests back to Walt’s again. Their program works well for us, and helps us draw in a younger, upscale audience we want to
introduce Walt’s to. Money Mailer has proven to be very effective for us. I recommend them to other businesses looking to grow.”

-Donny Arnsperger
Managing Partner & GM


Closets by Design
“Money Mailer has become a very valuable partner in our overall marketing strategy at Closets by Design. The upscale homes they reach fit well with the marketing demographics of our customers. We see a higher percentage of sales from those

who call from Money Mailer ads than other advertising vehicles we have used. Also, the areas they cover in Northern Kentucky and Eastern Cincinnati are among our most popular territories, and their ability to reach into these homes is very important to our future growth. We recommend Money Mailer and look forward to working with them on more successful promotions in the future.”

-Glen Grosser


Miyako Sushi & Steak House
“We rely on marketing to bring a large portion of our sales, so it’s important that our advertising is effective. Week after week, Money Mailer is at the top of the list of coupons redeemed. Thanks to Money Mailer we have reached out and brought in many new customers
who have become loyal and come back again and again. Money Mailer advertising works for us!”

– Abby Lin
General Manager

miyako sushi 321-21-1279f

Greater Cincinnati Roofing & Remodeling
“The Money Mailer is working so well I’m completely overwhelmed! I’m getting 2-3 calls a day and wish I’d started doing this sooner! I’m going to shift my Money Mailer promotion to concentrate on only one type of service so we can get
caught up on our current Money Mailer jobs. Thanks for all your help!”

– Corey Talbert


Mane Avenue
“I would have to say that Money Mailer has truly helped grow the business for the salon. It has brought in new customers on a monthly basis that keep coming back, every 6-8 weeks. Loyalty is everything in salon business and not only have the customers been loyal,
Money Mailer has been loyal; They have done everything they promised. Our sales rep Lisa is great and I love working with her.”

— Daniele Oliver, Owner, Mane Avenue

salon obsession website

Let It Go Consignments
“When I first was approached by Kevin to advertise in the Money Mailer I told him I would think about it. I was one of those people that would not even open my mailer when it arrived at my home. I didn’t think
that anyone used the coupons that were in this mailing. After his careful explanation of how the process works and several months of me thinking about this, I decided to give it a try. Well, I’m here to tell you that Money Mailer works! My business has grown more that 50% because of the advertisements that are included each month. The ads are professionally displayed and I’m excited each month to see how many people they reach. I have faithfully kept every coupon that I have taken in and at the end of 6 months I was amazed at what I saw in front of  me. Money Mailer works and I’m the first one to tell you I was a “hard sell” on this paper advertisement! I’m a very happy participant of Money Mailer!”

— Mary Beth McGarr
Owner, Let It Go Consignment

Arlinghaus Heating & Air Conditioning
“Our business has grown tremendously over the past several years, and Money Mailer has been with us every step of the way. They know and care about our business, and work closely with us to create ad campaigns which have impact and bring increased sales
and many new customers to our company. Other ad companies have come and gone but we have stayed with Money Mailer because we trust their experience and integrity. They have proven themselves and the results speak for themselves. Over the years Money Mailer has been our best and most consistent form o advertising. I would highly recommend them to other business owners who want to grow.– Money Mailer delivers for us!”

Brian Arlinghaus, Owner
Arlinghaus Heating and Air Conditioning

Arlinghaus for website

Glenway Auto
“Money Mailer has been a great source of new customers for us! Within a few short months, we can attribute OVER $17,000 of revenue to our Money Mailer advertising.
These are people that may not have come to us otherwise, and hopefully once they experience our service and expertise will become lifelong Glenway customers. Thanks Money Mailer!”

– Mark Ackerman, Owner, Glenway Auto

Auto Masters website

Best Furniture Gallery
Money Mailer has proven to be a very effective and affordable avenue for us to reach new and repeat customers throughout Northern KY on a regular basis. Kevin and his staff are great to work with and very focused on the details of making our advertising stand out and perform
well – which is much appreciated. We are very happy we made the decision to use Money Mailer and would recommend them to other business owners looking to grow.

— Craig & Carolynn Reis
Owners, Best Furniture Gallery

Best Furniture website

Budget Blinds
“We have used Money Mailer since we started our franchise in NKY 7 years ago to help grow our business. Money Mailer consistently delivers the type of repeat customers who are fantastic to work with. Money Mailer caters to what we want and need with our ad design and their client
service to us. For reliable marketing that delivers results and is easy to implement, and professional service you can trust, we highly recommend Money Mailer.”

— Dan Kerth
Franchise Owner, Budget Blinds

budget blinds website

Buffalo Wild Wings
“We have been so pleased with our Money Mailer response! It really is the best advertising we’ve ever done! We get in at least 50 coupons every week, from both loyal and new customers. They love saving money and we love having them in our restaurant. It’s really a great thing for
everyone! We highly recommend Money Mailer.”
Buffalo Wild Wings, Independence KY.

Buffalo WW website

Commonwealth Dental
“We have worked with Money Mailer for several years, and always see great results.  Our most recent ad generated 15 calls on the first day!  Before Money Mailer, we were on our own with advertising; now we have consistent, effective marketing and a professional rep who works to make
our ads, and our business, successful.”

– Lenora Foote, Co-Owner, Commonwealth Dental

commonwealth dental website

Hebron Chiropractic
“In our office, time with our patients is priority…finding thetime for advertising that works can be a chore. Not with MoneyMailer, because they do all thework! Their artists take a basic list of facts and your logo and create a vision on paper. Each time the Money Mailer envelope is mailed, we see at least
seven new patients. We have consistently been in the Money Mailer envelope since 2010. Because of our increased business, we were able to expand our office to help more patients.”

— Dr. Jonathan Langley, D.C., MEd
Owner, Hebron Chiropractic

hebron chiro website

Lucky Duck Pub
“Lucky Duck Pub loves Money Mailer! For the past 6 months we’ve operated under the motto “Act Like a Franchise.” We strive for a high level of professionalism in everything we do – especially our marketing. Without Money Mailer, we would lose that competitive edge that sets us
apart. We see an increase in sales every time a new mailer goes out – it’s like our secret weapon! Since starting the mailer, the response in our area has been dramatic. We’ve received hundreds of coupons, and brought in hundreds of new customers! Money Mailer is a MUST for any new business, especially one in the restaurant industry.
— Zachary Fields
Owner, Lucky Duck Pub

lucky duck website

“I’ve been using Money Mailer for over 4 years now with great results. Initially my home office didn’t recommend direct mail, but I tried it anyway and I’m glad I did. Our customer retention has been very high, with average values of customers higher than other marketing methods. I’d
recommend Money Mailer to anyone who wants to increase their business.”
— Dave Butts
Owner, MaidPro

maidpro website

QuikStop Oilube
For the last 20 years of business, the only consistent advertising we have done is Money Mailer – and every year our sales have increased. Money Mailer has helped us grow every year! It’s not the only advertising we have done, but Money Mailer
has proven to be the best response for us, so we stick with them. Their ads hit the homes we need where our loyal and new customers live. I highly recommend Money Mailer to other business owners who want to grow for 20 years straight.”

— Jeff Simmons
Owner, QuikStop Oilube

“Money Mailer worked very well for us: bringing us 15-20 new clients in a relatively short time. We wanted to showcase our newest location in Florence and reach the residents nearby. Next year we plan to start advertising with Money Mailer earlier in the tax season
to get even better results, and also use their Targeted Postcard Campaigns for our other out of town offices. I have been very pleased with all aspects of our relationship with Money Mailer: quick service, creative ads, and of course results!”

— William Holbrook, Owner


Brooks Flooring
“Money Mailer advertising works great for our company, Brooks Flooring. They always do a great job with setting up our ad, and it brings us many new customers. We don’t do a lot of advertising, so we rely on Money Mailer to help our business grow.
It works! I recommend them to any business who wants exposure AND results.”
Bill Brooks,


Modo Yoga
We have worked with Money Mailer for several years and been very satisfied! They target the people most likely to become our clients, covering areas near our studios, as well as digitally with their Money Mailer app, and online. Money Mailer
is a great partner; they take a personal interest in our business to make sure they are helping us be as successful as possible. We highly recommend Money Mailer.”

– Ellen Bradley


Tri-State Family Dentistry
“Money Mailer is so easy to work with, it’s a great partnership. I love the visibility of direct mail, and the online access and mobile app. It drives patients to my business in more than one way. My rep understands my business and we can change my ad very quickly and creatively.
Our ads get results, and we will definitely continue this partnership with Money Mailer.”

– Dr. Tiffany Buller-Schussler, Owner


Trinity Dry Cleaners
“Expanding into a new area can be challenging, so it’s critical to partner with someone that knows the market. Lisa Jones provide to be extremely knowledgeable, and was able to drive our marketing campaign in a direction that ensured we got the
highest return on our investment. Money Mailer has helped us reach thousands of potential customers, and we have seen our revenue increase every month. Working with the Money Mailer team is always a great experience, and my conversations with Lisa always leave me more educated, inspired, and focused on how to grow my business.”
Linda Mitchell,


Money Mailer has delivered a much bigger return than I ever expected! Within 6 weeks of our first ad, over 1,200 Money Mailer offers were redeemed in our 4 restaurants; we are even getting a huge response for our Ohio locations! We are so glad
we have partnered with Money Mailer. It’s a great way to bring in new guests to Flipdaddy’s to experience our Brilliant Burgers and Craft Beer. Thanks Money Mailer!”

– Melissa Sullivan
Corporate Operations Manager


Buffalo Wings & Rings
“In the first two months Money Mailer drew in an additional $8,000+ in sales. Cannot wait to see what it does this month! We could not be any happier.”

– Shannon Ream, General Manager