Study Finds That All Ages Love Direct Mail!

Research has just been released on an important topic: what consumer age groups respond to and like direct mail advertising most? A study by Royal Mail Market Reach provides some insight…

First, all three age groups studied are shown to have nearly identical response rates. This means that whatever aged consumer a business wants to reach with their marketing campaign, direct mail is an excellent choice.
Age 18-34 – 59%
Age 34-54 – 57%
Age 55+ – 58%

The next variables analyzed were how easily information is taken in and how likely direct mail is to grab attention. A bit more difference is shown between the three age groups among these two factors, however small enough to be insignificant. The majority of respondents across all ages agreed that direct mail is both easy to digest and likely to grab their attention.
Easy to understand:
Age 18-34 – 52%
Age 35-54 – 57%
Age 55+ – 64%
Grabs my attention:
18-34 – 44%
Age 35-54 – 48%
Age 55+ – 54%

This last chart shows the most valuable variable, the percentage of different age groups who bought something in response to a direct mail ad in the past year. The youngest age group claims the highest score, proving print’s efficacy among the younger generation.

Plenty of valuable insight can be gained by looking over this research and it’s quickly learned that all ages are just as likely to be responsive to a direct mail campaign.

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