Four Reasons Print Advertising Belongs In Your Marketing Mix!

Four Reasons Print Advertising Belongs In An Omnichannel Marketing Mix!

Direct mail marketing is evolving as a marketing channel. As the marketing work changes, it becomes more and more viable.

A recent article by DMN discusses four reasons why it belongs in your marketing mix:

  • Print Advertising Sparks Other Kinds of Interactions
    Many companies use direct mail advertising to encourage consumers to visit or take action on their websites or social media. This creates online interactions that would never have taken place without a spark from direct mail.
  • Print Ads Produce Brain Activity that Digital Ads Don’t
    A study by a neuromarketing firm called True Impact found that print ads require 21% less cognitive processing than digital and company name recall was 70% higher. Also, the region of the brain associated with valuation and desire (the ventral striatum) was found to be more active when people saw print advertisements compared to digital.
  • Print Ads Assist in Generating Data About Interactions
    Being able to determine ROI of an advertising campaign is of the utmost importance to advertisers, so it’s an important reminder of the ability to monitor success.
  • Print Advertising Provides Ongoing Inspiration
    The display of illustrations provided through print ads can help a consumer visualize how having a product would be and how they would use it.

The article is filled with examples and case studies to demonstrate how these advantages have worked for companies.


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