How is Money Mailer distributed?
Money Mailer is delivered to area homes via the US Postal Service.

Do I have to create my own ad?
We have a team of professional graphic designers on staff that create attractive, high impact ads that will help drive a steady stream of new customers.

How often is Money Mailer sent out?
Money Mailer is delivered to homes monthly.

What is the cost to mail an ad? 
Money Mailer is the most efficient way to reach high income homes in your neighborhood at 3 to 5 cents per home.

How many homes receive Money Mailer?
Money Mailer reaches over 110,000 homes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky each month.

Does Money Mailer work?
Our loyal clients say it does! Over 85% of the companies advertising in Money Mailer are repeat customers. Many of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more, which means their return on investment has proven to be very strong.