Direct Mail Tactics: Acquire, Retain, Re-Engage

Direct Mail Tactics:
Acquire, Retain, and Re-engage Customers

In a new article published by DMN News, the SVP of the US Postal Service explains how direct mail can be a key tool in acquiring, retaining, and winning back customers.

Attracting new customers is much more difficult than keeping existing ones. However, if a business is familiar with their customer base, they can create more targeted mailings and reach people who are more likely to interact with their business.

The messaging on the ad should focus on the customer’s wants and needs, along with having a strong call-to-action. Once the mailing goes out, it’s important to track the response to gain awareness of how effective it was. This can be done by including a call tracking number, a personalized URL, or coupon codes in the advertisement.

Money Mailer can help with Creative and Offers:


  • The Hook Best offer available to entice the target consumer to take action.  Place offer so it grabs immediate attention.
  • HeadlineCapture attention and boost response.
  • Call to Action Make it easy for the consumer to respond. Visit store, call, go online, coupon code, unique promotion code or URL that is easy to utilize. Consider featuring your call-to-action in a “call-out” box.
  • Urgency – Move to action.  Use urgent language, e.g., limited time offer, expiration dates, call or go online now.


  • Instantly Recognizable Does the consumer instantly know who you are and what product or service you offer, e.g., brand, logo, product messaging goal?
  • Illustration Suitable to the audience, preferably containing a person using the product.  Children and pets are always a winner.  Seasonally relevant creative catches the mood of the consumer.
  • Keep it Simple One or two ideas is sufficient to get your offer across. Any additional copy should be minimal and supportive. Be informal. Limit your text.
  • Words Matter Personalize your ad and choose proactive words. “Benefits” outsell “features.”   “Examples” are more personal and are better than ”statistics.”  Consider testimonials.
  • Seasonally Relevant – Take advantage of consumer moods and sentiments, new beginnings, seasons, holidays, events.

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