Direct Marketing Is Thriving In Millennial Mailboxes

Steven Pulcinella offers helpful guidelines on successful marketing to millennials through direct mail in this recent Forbes article. Looks like the Money Mailer envelope can be the ideal vehicle for targeting millennials with its ability to test and track results and provide multiple touch points for optimal branding. Everybody knows that millennials (the generation currently between the ages of 20 and 36)… [Read More]

Study Finds That All Ages Love Direct Mail!

Research has just been released on an important topic: what consumer age groups respond to and like direct mail advertising most? A study by Royal Mail Market Reach provides some insight… First, all three age groups studied are shown to have nearly identical response rates. This means that whatever aged consumer a business wants to… [Read More]

How To Market Your Business Locally

As a Money Mailer franchisee, I quickly learned to be an expert at local marketing. I’ve also found it’s never a bad idea to sharpen your skills. Here are a couple of tips to help you market your business locally: 1. Craft an effective elevator pitch – To be able to market yourself all the… [Read More]

Marketing to New Movers with Direct Mail

In 2016, 11.6% of the US population moved somewhere. They may have stayed in the same state…the same county…same city…maybe even the same neighborhood. They may have left altogether. When people move out of an area, businesses must adapt by replacing these customers by building a new customer base. We suggest that businesses advertise and… [Read More]

Four Reasons Print Advertising Belongs In Your Marketing Mix!

Four Reasons Print Advertising Belongs In An Omnichannel Marketing Mix! Direct mail marketing is evolving as a marketing channel. As the marketing work changes, it becomes more and more viable. A recent article by DMN discusses four reasons why it belongs in your marketing mix: Print Advertising Sparks Other Kinds of Interactions Many companies use… [Read More]

Direct Mail: The Preferred Form of Advertising For Millennials

Even by conservative estimates, Millennials (currently aged 22 to 37) now outnumber the large generation of Baby Boomers, so it’s not surprising they have been an increasing focus for marketers over the past decade. As a marketer or business owner, one important habit to acknowledge is the fact that Millennials do indeed like receiving mail…. [Read More]

The Importance of Accurately Measuring Direct Mail

In the digital age, direct mail is still a very powerful tool, but accurately measuring direct mail’s effectiveness is just as important as reaching the customer. It has been discovered that when incorporating direct mail measurement, search marketing was getting too much credit for an action that was driven initially by a direct mail piece…. [Read More]

Direct Mail Tactics: Acquire, Retain, Re-Engage

Direct Mail Tactics: Acquire, Retain, and Re-engage Customers In a new article published by DMN News, the SVP of the US Postal Service explains how direct mail can be a key tool in acquiring, retaining, and winning back customers. Attracting new customers is much more difficult than keeping existing ones. However, if a business is… [Read More]

Take Advantage of Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping is coming quick and consumers nationwide are ready to spend a projected eighty-five billion dollars1. It would be a shame to miss out on so much potential profit! Money Mailer will make scoring an A+ on business simple with an advertising campaign that offers complete coverage of direct mail, mobile, and online marketing. Our team… [Read More]

How To Build An Effective Sales Promotion

Coming up with attractive promotions is key for drawing in potential buyers and getting them to spend money on your product or service. Great promotions can get customers out of a holding pattern by giving them an incentive to take action before an offer expires. However, promotions can only be useful if they are done… [Read More]