Auto Dealerships Agree: Direct Mail Continues to Thrive!

According to a recent article, published by Strong Automotive Merchandising, a company that helps drive traffic to dealerships, Direct Mail is as powerful as “next day traffic.” There’s a reason dealerships drop a direct mail ad at least 10 times a year or more to build sales volume each year.
The article goes on to explain three key reasons why Direct Mail isn’t going anywhere.

First, your advertisers can reach targeted groups of people who are “more likely to buy.”

Second, success is measurable using specific offers that are unique to the ad.

Third, direct mail is cost-effective while being successful—and with Money Mailer, they’ll spend only a small fraction of the cost of a single postage stamp!

So while some advertisers may think that direct mail is “yesterday’s technology,” the truth is that automotive dealerships are seeing direct mail marketing account for almost 22% of their sales.

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